Blood Flow Restriction Training

Blood Flow restriction, commonly referred to as BFR training, is a method whereby arterial inflow of the working muscles is partially restricted and venous outflow is completely obstructed to reduce the oxygen supply to the muscle.


Posterolateral Corner of the Knee (PLC)

Does your knee feeling like its giving way or catching when you are walking? The Posterolateral Corner (PLC) of the knee is an inherently important component in both knee function and stability.


The role of sleep in injury recovery and performance

Sleep serves a critical physiological function, and is arguably the single most important factor in: injury recovery, training adaptation, neuro-cognition and optimum performance.


Optimising Your Home Office

In the era of COVID-19, many of us are now working from home, with a large majority of us working from our laptop. Without our usual office set-ups, standing desks or activity based workspaces, we are more prone to all those annoying niggling aches and pains that can come as a result of spending long periods in sub-optimal positions.

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