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Spectrum Healthcare’s Physiotherapists are trained to diagnose, treat and manage musculoskeletal-based injuries. Additional to regular physiotherapy sessions, our Physiotherapists also provide post-operative rehabilitation for surgeries such as knee reconstructions and hip replacements.


What is a Physiotherapist?

A Physiotherapist assists in the diagnosis, treatment and management of any condition which affects muscles, joints or nerves. Our physiotherapists aim to manage and provide pain relief, as well as increase strength and improve mobility by providing personalised, hands-on treatment.

Our Physiotherapists have a keen interest in sports-based injuries and have the ability to treat athletes at all levels from many different sports. Sports physiotherapy differs from regular physiotherapy as it focuses on conservative treatment and rehabilitation, as well as the optimisation of performance, which is an imperative part of any athlete’s career.

What do we do?

All of Spectrum Healthcare’s Physiotherapists are trained to perform the latest evidence-based treatment, such as active release techniques, massage therapy and dry needling.

How can our physiotherapists help you?

By providing effective treatment tailored specifically to you, Spectrum Healthcare’s physiotherapists can treat conditions including (but not limited to):

  • Sporting injuries
  • Arthritis
  • Back and neck pain
  • Whiplash injuries
  • Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI)
  • Muscle strains and sprains
  • Recovery from trauma
  • Headache and migraine management
  • Postural re-education

What to expect from your first appointment with us:

Your initial Physiotherapy appointment at Spectrum Healthcare will look something like this;

  • Our friendly reception staff will greet you upon arrival and you will meet your practitioner who will be consulting with you.

  • He/she will conduct a thorough history and physical examination to help get a better understanding of your injury and what you hope to achieve from treatment.

  • Following examination, a summary of your injury will be explained to you including the diagnosis, treatment plan, prognosis, expectations and if further investigations or imaging may be required.

  • Once a mutual understanding and agreement are achieved treatment will commence involving either manual therapy or exercise rehabilitation. At the end of your initial consultation, your treatment plan will be revised including as well as your treatment scheduling and any take-home advice.

Our Physiotherapists

Wesley Adora

Wesley Adora

Wesley’s true passion is in helping people across all walks of life. His special interests are in treating running and sport-related injuries as well as osteoarthritis of the hip, knee and shoulder as he gets to show people they can do more than they think, and a joint replacement doesn't have to be the only way!

Kristin Cameron

Kristin Cameron

Kristin is a physiotherapist with over ten years experience in musculoskeletal physiotherapy. She believes strongly in a holistic approach to treatment, combining appropriate manual therapy techniques with a strong rehabilitation program to get the best result with every client.