Massage Therapists

Spectrum Healthcare’s massage therapists specialise in deep tissue, trigger point therapy and sports massage. We dedicate the time to provide you with personalised care to ensure that you receive the massage technique most suited to your needs.

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    Myofascial Release Therapy

    Myofascial Release Therapy is a combination of stretching and hands-on manipulation massage. This form of massage aims to promote healing, release tension and provide pain relief. Myofascial release will improve functional flexibility leaving you more mobile.

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    Sports Massage

    You don’t have to be a professional athlete to see the benefits of a sports massage it is also beneficial for active individuals who participate in frequent physical activity. Sports massage is specifically aimed at targeting and preventing injuries by reducing stress and tension. This massage also assists in promoting endurance and stamina.

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    Remedial Massage

    Remedial Massage focuses on locating and repairing damage. This form of massage aims to stimulate blood circulation in the muscles in order to remove toxins and hence, speed up the body’s own recovery mechanisms. Remedial massage focuses on repairing tissues and easing tension.

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    Prenatal Massage

    Prenatal (pregnancy) massage aims to reduce stress, relieve pain and reduce swelling. The massage can be customised to the expecting mother’s needs. Your Massage therapist will ensure that you are positioned correctly and comfortably throughout your session.

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    Deep Tissue Massage

    Deep tissue massage focuses on the deeper layers of the muscle tissue and specifically targets individual muscle fibers. This technique aims to release the toxins held in tension points and increase circulation. This form of massage is both corrective and therapeutic.