AxIT Strength by Numbers Testing System

The AxIT testing system is the world's number one assessment system and a way to ensure that we are able to accurately monitor progress, training and performance of both athletes and everyday individuals. There are over 120 different tests that are able to be utilised on this testing machine, for most muscle groups of the body.

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The AxIT system provides real-time feedback on the peak force produced (how strong you are) and rate of force development (how fast you can produce the force).

How does the AxIT system help?

The AxIT system can measure the force that you produce and absorb when completing different exercises. This system helps to set goals and subsequently motivates patients to keep up their rehabilitation and exercise plans, even once the pain from their injury has subsided. In addition, it is extremely valuable in determining return to play decisions for sports. For example, it is heavily utilised in ACL and post shoulder dislocation return to play decision making. Using this information, your therapist can tailor a specific program for better health and fitness outcomes. The technology allows patients to see their results through the course of their treatment ensures that they can understand the 'how and why' of our treatments.

Recently we have been utilising this testing in injuries that are struggling to recover by assessing whether an injury is occurring from compensating for an underperforming muscle. As we like to say “if you aren’t assessing you’re guessing.”

AxIT Strength by Numbers
Real time feedback on forces produced and absorbed
What does it record?

The AxIT system records multiple types of data which is useful for measuring:

  • Force production (strength)
  • Power
  • Measure imbalances and asymmetries
  • Preseason screening to identify any weaknesses
  • Pre and post intervention changes
  • The system saves all your data so you are able to compare against previous results